Evans, Kiessling, Loytved, Pattison, Pischel, Rücker
December 17 2014 to March 15 2015
H.M.Klosterfelde Edition Berlin

Cécile B. Evans’s work LetterofApology.docx is a series of 10 editions, each containing three elements. Printed on the glass of the frame is a Word document, a letter of apology to the actor Hugh Jackman on the set of his Lipton Iced Tea commercial. The c-print inside the frame shows a public domain image of the mineral graphite, which plays a significant role in the production of digital storage media. Mounted on each c-print is an SD memory card containing a copy of the digital version of the letter to Jackman. When files such as Word documents are copied, the binary codes of zeros and ones mutate from the original to the copy. This edition of 10 thus contains 10 different files on the memory cards, even though the message printed across all of the glass panes remains the same.

For each piece in his WWSS Landwehr Edition, Felix Kiessling collected 1 liter of water from the Berlin Landwehr Canal and had it sealed by a glass blower in a hand-made glass vessel. He then asked a mathematician to calculate the exact extent to which this action caused the world’s water table to sink. His seemingly minor intervention thereby produced a globally traceable effect.

Axel Loytved dried out found, wet pieces of paper and pressed them between two black MDF boards. The paper protrudes erratically from the compressed wood. Sometimes it is possible to recognize letters or syllables, which give the 10 pieces of the edition their different titles.

wie er
su 76
b ssr
HI im
X Block

The original 10-metre tall Goddess of Democracy was erected by the Chinese pro-democracy movement in Tiananmen Square during May–June 1989 and continues to be a symbol of political protest in Hong Kong & mainland China. On e-ink displays of Kindle e-Readers, Yuri Pattison has saved images of the Goddess of Democracy as well as a diagram ("Battle against containment") demonstrating how to circumvent state censorship for users of the internet in China and circulated on Chinese social networks such as Weibo. The images remain permanently visible on the displays as they are disconnected from power. Among the 10 exhibited copies of this edition, the cropped image grows increasingly larger, and more and more details of the diagram become visible.

Albrecht Pischel transforms industrially produced stretched canvases into cooling or heating elements by cutting the canvas, inverting it, and attaching it to the reverse side. The objects are then integrated into the interior architecture of the room – not as obvious works of art but as components of a thermal installation.

While speaking to a biologist, Rosa Rücker learned about a scientific experiment in which threadworms are bombarded with DNA sequences in order to categorize the worms and subject them to further experiments. Using various techniques and media, the artist responded to these scientific investigations using her own pictorial world. The 12 collages in this exhibition represent an excerpt of this acquisition process. Each collage shows one worm prototype consisting of hand-colored and hand-cut paper squares. The prototypes are constructed systematically and identically, but they vary in their concrete forms and their positions on the paper.

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