Dan Peterman
Love Podium (travel version), 2018
Exhibition September 16 to November 8
Klosterfelde Edition, Potsdamer Str. 97

The travel version of Dan Peterman's sculpture will serve as a platform for a number of events at the gallery until November 8, including concerts, readings, panels and performances.

Wilhelm Klotzek: September 15, 7.30pm
Annika Kahrs THIS IS A LOVE SONG: September 28, 7.30pm
Kasia Fudakowski THIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE: October 11, 7pm
Mareike Begner & Eric Winkler MIT ERBSEN AUF GESPENSTER WERFEN: October 17, 7.30pm
Verena Buttmann DER AUFTRITT: October 25, 7.30pm
Tina Oelker: October 29, 7.30pm
Marco Schmitt & Oskar Korsar: November 1, 7.30pm
The Performance Agency REALITIES: November 7, 7.30pm

More details will be announced soon.

"Love Podium embodies, and thus helps us confront, so many different oppositions (or split personalities) in our midst—front/back, inside/outside, left/right, yes/no, pro/con, public/private, use/re-use—and suggests that the grey area between any binary indeed may be the sincerest place to begin a meaningful debate."

Mary M. Tinti Koch, Curatorial Fellow, DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

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Friends with Books
Klosterfelde Edition at
Art Book Fair Berlin
Hamburger Bahnhof
October 19 to 21, 11am to 7pm
Verena Buttmann
Der Auftritt
Screening and Performance
with Jonas von Lenthe
Thursday October 25, at 7.30pm
Klosterfelde Edition
Potsdamer Straße 97

With Vincenz Sala Bar

Review art berlin 2018
Klosterfelde Edition
Booth 1.A.1.
with Wilhelm Klotzek
and Dan Peterman
September 27 to 30, 2018